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Dryad's Ramblings

The life and times of a very strange girl

14 May
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*This information subject to change on a whim*

I'm a 5'5' California Blonde. Though I doubt that anyone outside of California knows what a California Blonde is.

I've got three cats, one betta fish and a younger brother.

I'm a Star Wars freak, as well as a Harry Potter fanatic.

I'm teaching myself to play the Kalimba, and to write with both hands (I'm naturally left-handed)

In my spare time (whatever /that/ is) I like to write, RP and do beadwork, pendants and hairpins and earrings and the like.

My fanfiction (slash and non) and even a bit of my original work, can be found here

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The WeatherPixie
My weatherpixie *pets her*